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TryHackMe – Earn with Learn

Anyone dealing with Cyber Security is familiar with labs like TryHackMe, HackTheBox, and RangeForce. I am currently learning with TryHackMe and I just realized there is a new learning path on the website.

Learning Path

What is a learning path? Learning paths is like a job collection. There are a lot of rooms(modules) like nmap, burp and you have to complete all the room in a learning path if you want to get a certificate. Last week I completed Offensive Security learning path and I got a certificate! You can choose a learning path on TryHackMe, I choosed all :).

Pre Security Path

I told you I realized there is a new learning path on TryHackMe. If you are new to cyber security, it’s very good path for you. It included networking, linux, web etc.

Also there is a prize if you complete it before July 15. You can get 1(2 for premiums) ticket for each room you completed. If you collect 3 same card, you can get the prize.

I am currently collecting tickets I want to win a prize :). You can see your tickets in your profile like below.

Sometimes some error can occur and you can’t get the ticket. You can wait and try again but if you close the room after you finished, you should reset your progress in the room and solve the question again.
Also you can double your chance if you subscribe!

Don’t think about it, just learn!
You can register tryhackme from this link:
TryHackMe.com Register
You can enroll the learning path free from this link:
If you don’t know TryHackMe, try hack it :).

Are you ready?

The ticket promotion is running for 10 days only.

Ending on the 15th July – Happy Hacking!

You can follow me on TryHackMe!


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